Saturday, May 16, 2009

Singh Is King

The result of Dance of Democracy shows that any political party which is middle of the rad types can succeed .

The verdict is though not approval on the present form of governance but it was the TINA factor which is There Is No Alternative to congress.

Its really difficult to know the pulse of the public as with the worst kind of Recession ,lots jobs being shelved and Inflation at its peak the public seems to have other considerations when decided the future government.

However one thing which has come out well is that if your state government's performance is well appreciated.Those days of feudal type of working by the Chief Ministers like Lalu and gang is over.The State Government is performing like a corporate company and the CM is the CEO be it states like Gujarat or Delhi or perennially problematic state like Bihar.

The Road to Indian Parliament is through the Patna,Hyderabad,Chennai and Delhi.

Long Live Indian Democracy!!

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