Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taliban ..a creation of ISI and CIA

The President of Pakistan Mr Asif Ali Zardari has finally admitted that Taliban has been created and fed by ISI and CIA.
This is a great admission from none other than present President of Pakistan.

This shows that Pakistan does not have anything more to camoufolgae their basic traits of creating unstability in the world whereas there is poverty and illiteracy breeding in their own backyard.

The admission by Zardari means US has lot to answer on this.The US cannot shy away from its responsibilities to control this menace which hitting hard a soft nation like India.

Pakistan does this henious crime for Religious purpose the US for economic reasons and to maintain its Super Power status in the world.

At this hour of crisis in our neighbourhood India must give confidence to Pakistan that their borders with India are safe and they should focus all their might against the Taliban.

If Taliban is gone the backbone of all terrorist activities in India will also fizzle out as these rogue elements from Pakistan is the genesis of all forms of terrorrism in India.

This is golden opportunity for India to strike with a helping hand to the Pakistan goverment by providing them moral support in their fight against the mother of terrorism..Taliban.

Come on World ...Lets Ban the TaliBan!!!

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