Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MPs with criminal background

According to one report there are atleast 125 MPs out 540 odd in Parliament.

Can you give the keys of your house to a person with criminal background?

If no then what makes us to hand over this nation on a platter to so many criminals.

Is our house more valuable than our nation?

Do we really think our nation as our nation?

The political parties are all hand in gloves with the criminals as you can see from the spending in electioneering .

As a citizen of this country don't you feel its our responsiblity not to elect any criminals in our big house called India?

By accomodating the criminals we have become a part of this rotten system and we still crib about the state of affairs.

Its you who can make a difference to make this great country the best in the world.

Wake up the criminals the door and put them behind bars..

These criminals are legalizing their acts by getting elected and we are helping them..

Jai Ho!!

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