Saturday, May 2, 2009

Middle class Lower mentality

Now with just 40% voter's turnout the Mumbaite have abdicated the moral right of criticizing the Government policies.
Even after so much promotions by every possible personalities the lure of weekend holidays and middle class mentalities have gained over the great chance to shape our future.
Forget the democracy somewhere it is the sheer laziness of the middle class which binds to the same dogmas and hampers their growth.
Most of the middle class people always talk about the creme de la creme of every strata of the society and feels happy about it.They feel that the talks itself will bring all the laurels and money we attach with the glitterati in the newsmaking space.
All talks without action keeps the middle class at the same level throughout the life.
India's middle class is the working class which mostly believe in following rather than leading.Stop criticizing and discussing about other's affairs and start believing that we are also made of the same stuff which the so called achievers are .
Just do it!!
Jai Ho!!

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