Thursday, April 30, 2009

Corporatization of Indian Political system

Since the first Lok sabha election all the MPs who are elected don't even have clear cut roles and responsibilities.This shows the constitution of India has not mandated any Key Result Areas and Performance Indicators for our elected representatives.
As a result of which all these elected representatives are enjoying the public money without any accountability.
Shall we continue with ostrich like behaviour to continue or shall make necessary changes in our constitution so that the elected representatives are made accountable and made to do perform as per the expectations from them?
India as nation should ponder on this and decide what is expected from the elected representatives .
Once the KRAs and KPIs are decided it must be reviewed in full public view and all the reports should be published so that the people can see what is being done by thier representatives.
In order to make India a better country the time has come when we and our elected representatives must work as corporate citizens with clear Roles and Responsibilities.
Jai Ho!!!

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