Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoe Throwing at Politicians

Lets not be surprised if more politicians are targetted with shoes.Its not the shoes that is being thrown at the politicians but these are the frustrations of the middle class "aam aadmi".
Lot of melodramatic soaps have happened in the lives of "aam aadmi".The Indian middle class being gullible and always think that everything will be hunky dory in future.

However with the recession raising its head we are on the verge of a revolution by the Young India.As a citizen of this great nation lets all resolve to put an end to the politicians loot of the national assets and let stop playing with the lives of the "aam aadmi".
We may be happy that India is better than Pakistan or Bangladesh but why should we be contented with such myopic point of view.
When China can challenge US and other developed nations what stops us from following suit.
The nation buliding exercise starts with us..the "aam aadmi".
Jai Ho!!

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