Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Indian Election..The people don't have a choice

One more time the Indians will be fooling themselves by saying"Dot hai toh hot hai".

Do our electoral system really give the choice to choose their future to the people?


Do we have a choice of rejecting all the candidates?


The question is do we need a choice of rejecting all the candidates.

In present circumstances when most of the candidates are having criminal and questionable background don't you think the choice of rejection should also be given to the "aam aadmi".
If more than a fixed percentage of people of that constituency rejects the candidates then all these candidates must be barred from elections and the political parties will have to put forth new candidates.

If this right is given then don't you think all the political parties will give chance to clean,educated,non controversial ,accepatable candidates .

Also given a chance for entire 5 year term without any review mechanism of the performance of the candidates gives them a free run for amassing public wealth without an iota of remorse or shame.

After 3 years there must be referandum so that so that the non performers are asked to put in their papers and the chance must be given to the next best candidate.

Jai Ho!!

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