Monday, April 27, 2009


Lazily I have to pull up my entire weight from the chair to move out.
The song on FM was also not amusing to the ears.Only one thing was appearing on the horizon of my mind was recession. How to manage such a situation which were mere words for a student of economics?Can we cant we?How to support the entire family and to manage their expectations?God has created me for that I thought.Still its easier said than done.

When did I reach the station even I was amazed at the speed of thoughts.

The train was choc o block and to the brim.Thoughts of recession and the palpable tension was there and it clearly showed on my nerves.

The mad rush which this maximum city chases started disappearing .

The train was also in no mood to pull up. Even it may be feeling the tensions of the situation. Chugging become a routine and destinations was not in sight.

I was waked up by the meek voice of child .Children’s drawing books may be ten was still there to be sold before he hits from home.A small kid may be 7 yrs of lean stature was not a typical sales man type.Was more aggressive in prodding a few of the gentlemen. But it was below every one’s dignity to even share a cursory glance at the lowly sales guys.All the so called gentlemen may be failure in their own life but who admits.

Suddenly a young guy started to look at those books ,the little sales man still did not show any emotions .Tired and exhausted he just sat and was whiling way his time .A confidence was etched on his small face.

The young guy took 5 books the child called Rs 50/- and moved .

The train has virtually stopped .Again the little sales man with stoic but confident face could kindle a demand in some to buy the rest of the books.The little sales man started counting all the 10 rupees and put it in his front shirt pocket.

Seeing the grit of the little sales man i started wondering how has recession hit this man of 7 at 9 o’clock in the night.Other gentlemen also nodded in agreement.

A thought started floating whether we would have allowed our 7 year olds to board a train at such unearthly hours!

What we would have done if the recession directly hits us?

Since the little sales man was not aware of recession he was positively psyched.

The negative thought brings so much negativity and starts hitting our collective psyche.

Long live the little sales man long live his determination to excel when the world throws in their towel.

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