Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have to run the Government...

Manmohan Singh is very clear that all the infrastructure portfolios must be under his control.He should not bog down under DMK's pressure tactics which is nothing but dynastic rule.DMK wants only his family and his business to flourish.

Manmohan must take total control of the key ministries and must review their performance like a CEO of a reputed corporate company.And if performance is poor he must show the door to those ministers even when they belong to his key allies.

Making India the Economic Super power should be the only aim...then only we can take on countries like China and US and India must the best among the BRIC countries.

Today the middle class population which was once the bane on this nation have become boon for us..lets capitalize on that.

The Chinese road map of economic growth started with Agricultural growth and then they have initiated energizing Manufacturing sector and now they are shifting focus to Service sector.

The Indian example shows that we have leap frogged from Agricultural to Service industries.The robustness of Service sector depends upon various variables which can shake the entire Indian economy without much controllable variants.

If Manmohan's vision is bring back the India on the world map,he must give due attention to the manufacturing sector along with inputs to Agriculture and Service sector.

Long Live India...

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