Monday, May 25, 2009

The biggest Risk in Life is Not taking Any ..

The biggest Risk in the Life is not Taking One.
The people who take risks are
1)those have everything in life and want to build on that or want to outdo someone.
2)those who have nothing to lose.

The first category comprise of people who are either second generation entrepreneurs who have a particular social stature or are vying to compete for the numero uno position.

The second category comprise of people who are have either lost everything and wanted to start from scratch or those who don’t have a precedent of success ..basically people from lower middle class families.

Even when we look around we find lacs of young aspirants who start their career and in a decade you find most of them either opted out or are chugging along in some middle level positions in a middle level types of companies.
After a decade of mediocre performance the majority gets into a particular comfort zone and starts enjoying the same .They start believing that this is their fate or they have utilized their maximum potential.This thought becomes a bane in their life and the mediocrity gets ingrained in their psyche.
These kind of people never take a risk because they think taking risk is more risky proposition and they while away their time by enjoying their comfort zone.

One should know that the wave which comes to the shore also goes back and while going back takes some amount of sand below our feet..and this continues till we realize there is nothing to stand upon…Apart from the Comfort zone factor ,lack of ambition is this type of people also make them not take any risk in life.

Ambition is the fuel for growth ..and most of us don’t have it.
This also make most of us stay put in same situation in life for years together and we keep on cursing our fate for the same.

Also the people who don’t take risks are those who plan well but on the action front are laggards. They have a bias against action instead of bias for action…

Those who are successful have unparalleled Risk Appetite ..

Those who are successful turn plans into action with a Speed of Thought…
Those who are successful are not afraid of failures…

Those who are successful thrive on Risks and for them Life Without Risk No Life…

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