Monday, June 1, 2009

Kaha hai apna Raj?

Where were all those Indian zealots when the Australian hooligans were beating the Indian students black and blue?

Are we Mumbaites getting being paid in the coin?
All the daredevils who have chased our own countrymen from the commercial capital of India must now show the way out to our fellow countrymen in Australia.

Why are these so developed countries now fearing the so called third world nations like India?

Where are the developing countries gyan of liberalizations of economy when they needed huge markets like India?

Now when the Dragons and Elephants and Tigers have woken,these developing countries want to continue what suits their agendas and objectives.

The times have changed when the emerging economies like India and Brazil must demand all Veto rights in UN or else abolish all such apartheid policies which discriminates nations on the basis of military power,etc.

Let the UN be democratised first and any issue must be resolved with majority and not with Veto powers.

As Indians lets capitalize on our middle class population and go for Reverse Capitalism!!

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