Monday, June 29, 2009

Rs 1000 cr worth of Statues of Mayawati

The politicians think that the people of India are sheer fools as nobody will question them on self promotions spree.Why should the nation allow poloitician like Mayawati spend Rs 1000 cr on her own statues in Uttar Pradesh.

Rs 1000 cr can be better utilized for either education,health and poverty elivation?

Why is Mayawati so sure that she will remembered for her statues and not her work?

Why she is so sure that people will forget her?

Why has Mayawati started her statue erection spree now?

The answer lies in the realization in the caste politics player like Mayawati that the people have started rejecting the caste based politics.

But the bigger question is how come the fourth estate and judiciary allow such waste of tax payers money?

Why no public interest litigation has been filed till now?

Mayawati has once agin proved that she is a short term player and is there to make hay when the Sun shines.

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