Monday, June 8, 2009

Collective consciousness of people can change the world

Two headlines which attracted my consciousness are

Taliban will never be defeated and Pakistanis avenge mosque blast, attack Taliban ...

One Colonel Imam of Pakistan Intelligence Agency who is supposed to have trained terrorist like Mullah Omar and participated in the war against Russians and was duly rewarded by the American regime believes that "Taliban will be never be defeated".

The prime question is who should defeat the it the Americans,Afghan/Pakistan Government or who???

Who is finally paying the price of this so called war between Taliban and American?

American government pays by lives of soldiers and gets in return the various other benefits like its expansionist culture(economic benefits included) which takes care over their control of greater part of the world.

However it is the people of the war torned region like Swat or Afghanistan who are bearing the brunt of the bloody war.A generation of the affected people will grow as uneducated,jobless,second rate citizens of future..their only achievement will be memories of war...sleepless nights with gun battles and bombardment which if their families got in the crossfire will wipe them off this world and the many survivors will maimed and will just become fodder for these war mongers and beggars in front of the Pakistan and American armies.

How long can a common man-citizen of country go through such a hell without any direct benefit which will help the common man to think of a better humane life?

Why should a common man lose his life and peace for some cause which he is not remotely linked with?

Why should a common man who just wants his daily bread become fodder for some one's thinking ?

Enough is enough when one part of the world is enjoying the life of plenty why should the other part suffer from scarcity?

When the war mongers enjoy all their lives socioeconomic benefits why should the common man suffer??

The question is can he change his life or spend his life in abject poverty and slavery?

Yes ..if he thinks he can ..

The sufferer must think why a few thousand warring groups control the lives of millions..

This will keep on happening till the time every common man is thinking of himself against the few thousand...Just think if the million common man rise against the rogue groups like Taliban or anybody who is sucking the blood of people with no say..

When hundreds of subjugated common man band together and raise their voice and arms what can Taliban do..except to get killed or scoot away ..leaving and forgetting their so called religious ideology and dogmas behind.

Common man ..the not only common thing about them is their common cause ..there common struggle for daily living...their common goal for a trouble free life enjoyed by a few should become theirs also...Rise against this bloody culture for you have to live and contribute to this world peace...

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