Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pakistan army helping the people to raise against Taliban and Indian stabbed Australian ...

Now comes the news of Pakistan army helping the people of war ravaged territories of Swat and other effected areas.
What Pakistan is doing is nothing wrong but the way they make the people take arms against Taliban will make them defeat Taliban today.But will the Pakistan army disarm the people who have taken arms against Taliban...or Pakistan is again on the path of creating a new "Taliban".May be who knows this can be ploy to ask for aid from America and other International donors.
India beware this is nothing but conspiracy of Pakistan to keep the Kashmir issue burning and India on tenterhooks forever...

Backlash from Indian diaspora in Australia against continuous atrocities is natural.
However this can flare into a major diplomatic imbroglio in near future.
One thing which amazed me is the non committal attitude of Indian Government on this racial issue.
Is the GOI also suffers from some inferiority complex or are afraid on some other account?
The best way for any nation to be on the top of the situation is to provide the large India markets and barter for technologies hitherto unavailable in India but are critical for our long term development.

Hope the GOI wakes up from its deep slumber and take cognizance of the racial abuses against Indian student...

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