Saturday, June 27, 2009

Did Michael Jackson suffer from inferiority complex?

Starting his career at the age of Five with his sibling and duly assisted by his father and then catapulted to popular horizon as the "King of Pop" he never could overcome the fact of his black skin and Big Nose.

With the right attitude to make it to the top and music in his blood he made to the top of world music at a breakneck speed.With wealth unimaginable any black musician in those days Jacko wanted to get past his black skin.Though at the top of he suffered from inferiority complex which made him go for serial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty.

The inferiority complex made him go through all abuses uncalled for his stature.
The problem with most of the human being is that they strive top reach their pinnacle and then true character and misguided nature takes on them.
At this stage in their life they need a true Guru who can guide them in efforts towards character building.However the irony is instead of Guru people like Jacko search for publicists,plastic surgeon and for them who can make him in stay in oxygen chamber on a belief of immortality.

Though Michael Jackson was the cult he could have better had he looked towards India.

India and its culture helps smooth ens the roughness of poverty as well the calms the nerves of the successful persona's.

World can beat India economically but never spiritually ..

Long Live India and may God give Peace to the Wacko Jacko's soul!!

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