Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Success has many fathers....

Now every political pushed to wall and thrashed by the public are clamouring for whatever they can hold to.
Those who have ditched Congress now wants to share the limelight with them.
The primary reason may be either the judicial cases against them or the fear of political future as these Lalus and Mulayam see a reemergence of two party political trend being crystallize in India.

Also the scenario is such that these parasitic political parties are falling head over heals to provide "unconditional" support.

These parasites can go to any length to stick to "power".

This election had wiped out many such "Goondas" out of their political space and the PM should not get bogged down under such pressures .

Dr.Manmohan Singh ..this is the last chance for you to become one of the greatest Prime Minister of India .

Take it and make India the best place to live in and also make all the Indians proud of Sardar Manmohan Singh the true Sardar!!

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