Monday, September 21, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situation..Think before you speak

Boss:Why the hell the things did not happen?You#@%*..You are a bloody nincompoop,good for nothing,%$#@*.You put in your papers#@$&*

We are many a times at the giving end of such communications...

One of the important principles of management is communication.Many a times the leadership never think before using the vitriolic tongue towards his team which most of the time hurt people and the situation becomes a bane for them.

In these times when the situation have more roller coaster than Disney world and everybody is working in "pressure cooker" environment to get the deliverance we use many unparliamentary languages and most of the time is in "jest".

For a leader these spoken words are normal lingo used by every second person.

However the reactions of these words on a person who is green horn in corporate world can cause serious heartaches and these small utterances like "put in papers,etc" can be have lasting impressions on his psyche and motivates him for taking a plunge.A good asset in making can be lost in this way.

What looks like a Leadership roar for a Corporate Tiger can a cause of loosing an employee.

The more you mature the more responsible should be our words.
Specially when we are angry we must take a deep breathe and choose the rights words which will motivate a team member to bounce back instead of start searching for a new job.

As they say "you don't leave a organization you leave your boss".

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