Monday, September 21, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations..Tire but not Retire

I once heard Arun Shourie saying "I change my career every five years".

A journalist,an economist,a writer, a politician ....

How many hats do you wear?

I have seen many successful people wearing more than one.

Multifaceted personalities are more prone to success and accessible to name and fame than a lessor mortal like us who started their career in Sales and Marketing and retire like with only one hat on.

Who stops us from being multifaceted personality?

Nobody else but "we".

If you to stick to one career you will be stuck in the rut and will get tired and start cursing yourself.Choose at least two career which you can enjoy and will reap results in the second half of your career.

Its easier said than done...its not easy to pull yourself in the mid career for a new career...but think had it been easy it would not have been for you!!!

An alternative career which is more future proof can make you "tire" but not "retire".

Start it today.

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wanderlust said...

Uncanny.. I have been having these thoughts for some time now. Maybe this is an omen :-)