Monday, September 21, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations ...Employee Engagement

Did you feel sometimes that a particular team member is on the verge of changing his job?

And when he actually did it you felt "yes I knew it".

At that juncture you felt that you could have done some thing to avoid the situation.

Could you have stopped the team member from jumping the ship?

Could you have motivated him to look for future in the present organization?

Could you have showed him a growth path?

Yes you could have done it!!

Its simple you need to communicate with the team and when I say communication its means real heart to heart communication.

It is possible when you switch off from your office talks and switch on to more personal level communications.

Any employee loves you and also his job when you become a freind ,a mentor and help him in opening up,when you help him to fly high ,when you help him in realizing his dreams.

When was the last time you had a communication with your team?


sujoychourasia said...

I wish, My wish would wish for you, that you are the best writer of all. Dear Pijush, I must comment that your literary skills have really been a great treat reading on your blog. Your blog is a true representation of yourinner self.

Sagar said...

There are only two worlds. The world within and the world without.
The world within creates the world without.
The world within is mental/spiritual, the world without is material/physical.
Complete understanding of the two worlds is perfect knowledge.
The key is to understand the world within and use it to rule the world without.
The world within is the cause, the world without is the effect.
The inner governs the outer always. The outer is a reflection of the inner.
The outer conditions mirror the inner consciousness.
The world within and the world without are not two separate worlds. They are two different levels of the same world. The world is mental. All is mind, the universe is mental. As above so below, as within so without. This is secret knowledge. The two most important kinds of knowledge are secret knowledge and governing knowledge. One gives you awareness, the other gives you power. Secret Knowledge is knowing how things work and understanding what’s going on. The reason why it is secret is because it is not normally known. It is so powerful that only those with insight and perception can appreciate its value. Only conscious people can see reality for what it really is. When you have this knowledge, you can use it first to govern yourself, then use it to govern everything else. This is called using secret knowledge as governing knowledge.
Governing knowledge is knowledge that runs your psyche. It is the governing statements of your mind that determine what you do, how you do it and why you do it. It is the operating dynamics that controls your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviors. What governs your mind, governs your reality. By governing yourself, you can govern the world. When you can control yourself, you can control others. You can only control what is without by controlling what is within. All control is self control. To be in control, you must know. All knowledge is self knowledge. You can overcome something by overcoming it within. When you overcome it within yourself, you overcome it in the world.