Monday, September 7, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situation...Go to the Basics

What do you do when you are feel getting stagnated ?

What do you do when you feel are directionless?

What do you do when you are lost?

If any of the conditions mentioned above is applicable to you then you are fortunate.

At least you are not ignorant of your situation in life.

These feelings do not occur just when you are not doing well but can also perturb your mind when you are doing extremely well in life.

The best thing to do in such situations is "to take stock of your life".

1)Rewrite your goals in life.

2)Take a view of the stage at which you are in your way towards your goals.

3)Take corrective actions and do necessary course correction where ever applicable.

4)Make new goals if you want to fly like an eagle.

5)Go for it.

However if any time you feel actions are not yielding results,your plans are going haywire,nothing is in right direction....Just Do One Thing.

Go to the Basics...

Build it Brick by Brick....

You will get your answer.....

All the Best!!

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