Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations...We are the fathers of corruption

The Tata Tea "Jagore" campaign is an apt example showcasing our apathy towards the corrupt officials.

"Woh Khate hai kyun ki ham khilate hai"...well said.

In this corrupt India you can't find a person who has not facilitated the corruption process.

We Indians keep our homes clean but never think twice before throwing "katchra" on the society compound.

We never bat our eyelid before shoving the Rs 50/- note in the hands of the traffic cop.

We never shy away from criticizing our nation and country and giving "bada bada gyan" in social gettogether.

We corporates never stop from greasing the palms of the government official before getting those payments or "C" forms.

We hardly think that by not paying the "octroi" on our small goods we encourage the sharks of corruption.

Charity begins at home...The kingpin of corruption is "WE".

Lets nip it at the bud...

Lets put an end to it today ..no not today but.....NOW!!!

Long Live India!!!

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