Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Customer buys in his Mind first....

The process of selling anything starts in the customers mind first.

If you probe further you will find that in 90% of the cases it is not that we sell to a customer but the customer buys from us.

However the process of buying starts in customers mind.

As a Marketing professional we must create a need and germinate a liking for the need satisfier.Also if you are a market leader we must take a lead to create a genuine thirst in the customer's psyche.

Many a time the germination of the need flowers after many days.
When the customer is actually ready for a physical buy the role of Sales professional comes into play with proper placement of products,making the customers aware of the exact place where he can quench his thirst.

Many good brands cannot take off as the customers are unaware of the exact place of availability of the products or services.

This should be immediately followed by a feedback and customer loyalty program for a long term customer engagement.

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