Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Gaint step in a Life or a Small step everyday?

Most of the less mortal like us wait for giant step to be taken in future to make our presence felt in the world.Also most of us fail in our effort to deliver.The prime reason is of it is neither cost us nor makes us more tired to think for that one giant step contrary to the fact of actual step being taken when the D day arrives for delivery.We do not realize the magnanimity of our step when we have thought about it.This step actually looks like a mountain on that day.

And we fail in our commitment!! Be that be inculcating a new habit to Creation of wealth or taking up a new course.At the end of this sweet thought we gain nothing but cipher.Back to square one with more dejected.

Instead of taking one giant step if we take a small beginning and a continuous improvement everyday is always more fruit full.
The chances of success are higher and motivation becomes more permanent and we are self driven.Remember the story of hare and the tortoise which we have learnt but have never assimilated in our lifestyle.

This is true for simpleton like us or a huge corporate like Verizon Communications whose tagline was "Make Progress Every Day " for its telecom products.

As they say “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” the key to success is taking Definite Positive Steps.

The secret to making progress is getting started…today with a baby step like a small step for a man but a big step for mankind!!

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