Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pressure cooker!!

With the Cricket world cup fever on its peak,the entire nation of 1.2 billion people represented by the 100 odd Television channels has started mounting enormous pressure on the Indian cricket squad for the world cup.

This is the same type of pressure which as an Indian we put on our wards for performance in schools,sports,music,theatre and so on and so forth.

This type of expectation builds the killing pressure and then a with full preparation, a slight deviation will cause the irreparable loss on the psyche of the team.

All the TV channels have started playing the roles of Dronacharyas and with a slew of old players
have started guiding the teams from their studios.In order to get these gyan all the players have to get glued to the channels and stop playing.
Winning or losing just don't depend on the individual or the individual team,it also depend on the others.Cheering the team is one thing and becoming the de facto coach is another.

Instead of forcing them to win we should cheer them for better and enjoyable game.This will release the huge pressure and will help them to play.

The culture of "my child is better than his" is being played on the national arena and which is harmful to the nation's health as it is for your child.

Just think was there the this type of frenzy in 1983 when Kapil and team lifted the world cup?

Just think was there the pressure of Rabindranath Tagore to get the Noble prize?

Just think was C V Raman under such media glare when he discovered Raman effect?

Play for Excellence rather than Success!!

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