Friday, January 28, 2011

I am the ...

I am the CEO of the nation.

I am the elected representative of the people's republic.

I am under oath to serve the people and this nation.

I am the most accomplished Economist of this country and I have the blessings of Madam.

My role is just to do what is non controversial .

I will keep my eyes closed to all that will hurt the common man.

I will behave like an ostrich even if all the Indian money is stashed away in Swiss banks.

I will keep quite if all the politicians make themselves and their dynasties richer and make our motherland the poorest country.

I will see the other way even corruption breeds under my nose and I will appoint someone against whom corruption cases are pending as the Custodian against corruption.

I will act blind even if some one acts against the Oil mafias and Coal mafias.

I will do nothing even if the Nation's pride is hurt and we are all shamed by the Games mafia to launder tons of money.
I will help in creating a system where my creed of 1 lac will fool 1.2 billion countrymen every 5 years in the name of democracy as if all the power will be transferred to the garib janata after the grand party called election!!

If I can't win the praise I will buy them.

I will take the other road when my politician brothers rapes my daughters and sisters.
I will help my Kauravas to loot the homes for the widows of those who have sacrificed their lives for my peace and life.

My incompetence will rub off to all the Administrators of the nation and will make this country the 87Th most corrupt country in the world.

I am the Non Executive Role Model for the country's youth.

I am helpless and I am the Prime Minister of India!!

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