Sunday, December 13, 2009

Latch your Mind to your goals!!

Why does an average Joe succeed in his life when the best are still struggling to pull on?

A small peek into the lives of the successful personalities brings out interesting reading.

The most successful personalities were not most brilliant among their peer groups.

Bill Gates,Dhirubhai Ambani,Warren Buffet falls under this category.

The most successful personalities were not even recognized for future success by their peer group.Then how come they have achieved their goals.Then how come they were way ahead of the generalia.

The successful people have first latched their minds to their goals and disallowed all distractions.

Then they the fully utilized their 24 hrs,when others were whiling their time they were toiling to make themselves reach their goals and clear all the hurdles in the path.

They kept themselves motivated in face of failures when a lessor mortal would have given it up.

They conceived ideas of wealth creations when others st rived to make both ends meet.

This shows the most brilliant marks does not always pave the way towards success but hardwork combined with skyhigh goals always do !!

Just Latch your Mind to your Goals and Achieve what you want!!

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Sagar said...

Pijush - Human always wants to iomprove in life and i believe yu are in taking the same path. Only one thing what is your purpose in life - getitng gyan and trying to get promoted with a lot of money at the earliest or trying to slog without realising that life is so beautiful and that there are so many precious moments that we have lost. we cud had actually spent this time in a very sensible way. but we convince ourselves and try to imitate animals wherein survival is the key factor. do think about the beauty and purpose of life