Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pull that nail out!!

I always kept wondering why many amongst us felt pangs of entrepreneurship only on Fridays.And all our plans start getting shape with products,services,channel,supply chain,vendors during the day.We discuss our alliances,partnership,capital and profit sharing for the envisaged venture.

However by Monday morning all entrepreneurship dreams suddenly disappear and by Monday morning we are there in the daily rut and gets ourselves deep inside our present life.

This syndrome of mine almost becoming an entrepreneur on Fridays and finding myself in the daily grind on Mondays came to a halt with my friend Rajesh Iyer narrating me a good story..

"There was a dog living in some part of the world.Tommy have a strange habit of howling once in the day.The homo sapiens around the doggy were irritated and at the same time amazed and at this behaviour.One smart Alec decided to investigate the matter of once in a day "howling" issue.

Smart Alec probed the entire matter by diagnosing the doggy and was surprised to find a big nail stuck inside the dog's one foot.He analyzed that the Tommy was living with the nail for years and he never used to realize the existence of the nail as he was busy in making his both ends meet.

When the doggy was at peace,it starts realizing the existence of the nail and feels the excruciating pain and it starts howling at the top of his voice".

There are so many tommys amongst us who have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and who can be the next Ambani or Tata but they keep that nail inside them and suffer the entire life by being a decorated employee rather than taking the plunge and becoming the next entreprenuer on the block.

The challenge is to just remove the " nail of being an employee" from your life.


Sagar said...

three things 1) ego 2)greed 3)arrogance

Gautam said...

The answer lies in pulling the nail out of self-doubt!

The focus on what can go wrong has fed into us so much of negativity, that very little gets done to try something new.

Must as we try hard, the nail remains also because of the 'easy' pleasures jobs give us versus the short term pain but long term huge gain we get out of entrepreneurship!

we must learn to let go!