Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's your Mount Everest?

He is a bright young man who is in his second job. Today’s job scenario is nothing but roller-coaster ride.Every time he has some issue with his boss or in his organization his ultimate reaction used to log in to the job portal and look around. Luckily he used to get a couple of offers at any point of time.

Everyone thinks it’s better to get a more than one offer at a time. But the reality is like being a donkey who is hungry for a long time and gets haystack on both his sides. The donkey could not eat any, unable to decide which one to attack first.

Whenever this friend of mine face such "donkey" situation he used to turn to me. Since both the offers have their positives and negatives it was really tough to choose one.

I faced similar situations in my life (not in my career) as well. In order to control my emotions I created a tool which not only helped me but it can be lighthouse to everyone else also.

I called this tool as Mount Everest.

My question is what’s your Mount Everest?

If you are clear about your Mount Everest then this is your ultimate goal.

If you are clear about final destination only job left is to find the best path which takes you there.Even when you are not at a cross roads like my friend you should know your final destination or else you will be a captain less ship.

Those who are unaware of their Mount Everest always go through a Valueless career choice, where they get moolah but hardly enjoy the journey.

Do you know your Mount Everest?

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