Sunday, December 14, 2014

Small Habits Big Impact!

You call up someone to get some information on say a contact number and when the information is given, you interrupt and make him hold and go on to a pen and paper hunt!

You have been called by your Boss and you enter his cabin and he blurts certain instructions, you run for pen and paper!

You go to book railway ticket (not very often these days) or to your bank to deposit a cheque and lo you remember something is missing and you start searching a poor soul for a pen!

What do these incidents show?Are we less serious about small things in our life? Or

Do we think these issues does not require the attention in front of big issues in our lives?

These have become our habit and we start enjoying our lackadaisical attitudes.

Though these incidences may be small but create lasting first impression about ourselves.

People immediately size you up and create an image of yours in their mind and use them to judge you in future which may be detrimental your interest.

The real question is how you change these minor and everlasting habits.

1. Become Aware that these incidences are small but creates absolutely bad first impression about us and thereby create an image and perception about us.

2. Accept that these habits need to be changed for our betterment.

3. Act on them by creating a process for a hassle free life and fantastic image.

Are you still struggling with small irritating habits?

By the way how many times you have seen people appearing for a job interview without the hard copy of CV!!

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