Monday, March 28, 2011

Beware of goof ups ..Practice Check and Correct!

In the age of E mail and SMS and MMS the communication has become faster.

Actually for some it is faster than their thoughts!!

Once one of my friend was exchanging text messages with his very close friend. The language between the bum chums were nothing short of “beep beep” types. Suddenly his Boss called him and by mistake he replied back with a sms with the choicest of “beep beep”.In split second he realized his mistake of the goof up and somehow could pacify his Boss!!

Accidental marking of corporate communications to unintended parties had taken toll of the biggies in the field. In order to win a bid a certain corporate implored all their employees to buy the company's product and claim back the money. However the mail landed on the web!!

Once a Finance Minister of old empire was asked by journalist about the impending budget .Pat came the reply that the cigarette he is smoking will get costlier to him. Before the budget could be tabled, the press went berserk with the headlines “duties on tobacco is increasing” .The Minister had to pay for his goof up by putting in his paper.

The moral of the story is hold your tongue or rather your finger or more aptly thought before reverting on any form of communication. 

A simple way to do this is to Practice a method called “Check and Correct”.In this method the task is check what you to send and what are you actually sending before you hit the 'click' button.

This can be used not only in your personal or official communication but also can be very well used by students when they write their exams.This saves lot of goof ups and bad blood between not bum chums or colleagues.

That’s why it is said Thought moves faster than the Thinker!! 

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Lot of good messages and lessons to be learnt from you blog. Keep it going.