Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AIDA model of communication for personal selling!!

Getting the money due to you out of the Government coffers is like desiring for Super Moon.

The same was happening in my home when father being an retired employee tried his best by writing many letters through registered post and scores of phone calls to get the amount due from an armed forces unit of the country.

Even I have called these gentlemen many times but in vain.There patent excuse was that we need to send this document or that photographs.This kept on going since last one year.Even after you send them everything and wait for your due,they will again start the "office office" game.

Many poor souls might have lost many of the chappal soles and still expecting anything will be blasphemy in front of these Government babus.

Finally I called that office at night 10 pm to know the name of the Head honcho of that division.As expected the Jawans were behaving as some terrorist have called them and I can bombard their centre through the phone.After lot of verbal duel I got the name of the Head honcho.

I was clear to call the Head honcho the next morning.Surprisingly I got a call from the Head honcho within minutes and he was screaming and saying ,"is this time to disturb a Government official" ? No logic like "Customer is king" in private sector was cutting ice as the head honcho said "do what ever you can" types.

My intention of getting the Head honcho Aware of my case was the first and most important step to get my job done,which I was farely successful as he himself told me that there were 150 such pending cases.

No sooner the office clock hit 10 am the next morning,I started getting calls from that office and the gentleman wanted me to believe that I made a mistake by calling the Head honcho at the unearthly hour.

He tried to tell me that the Head honcho was a gentleman and an officer which I believed as I was sure that he had shown Interest in my case and has taken Action to get it resolved.

The case got resolved in 24 hours time which was lingering and files pushed by different babus from one table to other for last one year just by applying the simple AIDA Model of Communication which stands for A-Awareness ,I-Interest,D-Desire and A-Action.

In AIDA , 50% effort on Awareness creation and 30% effort of Interest development followed by 10% each of Desire and Action is necessary to get your desired job done.

As said by William Butler Yeats, it must to ''Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people".

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