Saturday, June 12, 2010

Divided against Union Carbide!!

20000 lives vanished and lacs maimed and still the politicians have the audacity to give safe passage to Anderson!!!

These bloody politicians are there to sell India.

After a quarter of a century the same set of politician are going for the Nuclear power from US without any safeguards.

How come you take the people of India for granted?

Obama wanted to kick someones ass for British Petroleum Oil lick and we are there licking our wounds and sulking.

These bloody politicians can sell anything for their own benefit.

Its time people take up issues and bring the perpetrators of such heinous crime to justice.

Why not boycott all American products in India ?

Will we die if we don't drink Pepsi and Coke?

Will our lives be shortened if we don't drive GM?

The Government has seen the Red movement in rural India and if these "chalta hai" attitude is not changed the urban India will be completely Red.

Jaago India!!Jaago!!

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Akshay said...

Dear Pijush (from Akshay Gaonkar),
I appreciate your views on Union Carbide. I have always liked your fire in the belly attitude and honesty in implementing what you preach.
Here's a dilemma that your friend is facing - please help.
U know wot a tragedy that is bigger than Union Carbide and happening in front of our eyes EVERYDAY? Mumbai's local trains.
Pijush - on a average day 30 people fall from Mumbai's local trains and 10% of them die EVERYDAY. yes u heard it right - 3 everyday, 90 a month, 1000 a year. Cumulative toll is more than Union carbide or any other tragedy that you and I can recount - including Kargil, 26/7 and 26/11.
You will be shocked to know that the TAT for a body to get medical treatment is a shocking 6-7 hours. the process is littered with red tape and beurocracy. We must do something about this.
Since last 6-7 yrs, i am trying to do something about this - but now the fire is dying.
My friend I believe you must help me.